About us


In order to make your life easier, we offer a complete range of medical services for cats and dogs that include the following:

Routine office visits and treatments

  • Wellness examinations

  • Puppy and kitten examinations

  • Sick pet examinations

  • Senior pet examinations

  • Core and elective vaccines

  • Nail trims, anal gland expression and ear cleaning

Diagnostic procedures

  • In house bloodwork analysis

  • Urinalysis and fecal testing

  • Digital radiographs (x-rays) and ultrasounds

  • Electrocardiograms (ECG)

Surgical services

  • Elective surgeries, including spay, neuter and dental cleaning

  • Lump removal and laceration repair

  • Abdominal surgeries, such as bladder stone or foreign body removal

  • Orthopedic surgeries, including anterior cruciate ligament repair and medial luxating patella surgery

  • Comprehensive monitoring of all surgical patients, including heart and respiratory rate, temperature, blood pressure, capnography (end tidal carbon dioxide), oxygen saturation (Pulse Oximetry) and electrocardiogram (ECG).